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Welcome to Juliane-Fit.de, your point of contact for individual personal training in Marbella and the surrounding area!

Juliane is a certified and passionate trainer for Pilates, yoga, pelvic floor training and nutrition coach with over 15 years of experience. Her aim is to offer customised personal training that is tailored precisely to the needs and goals of her clients.

With her many years of experience, Juliane not only promises first-class training, but also competent and professional support in German, Spanish and English. She is ready to support you on your fitness journey and help you achieve your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

True to the motto "There's no such thing as can't", Juliane always finds a way, even in the busiest of schedules, and can really help you to finally lose weight, feel better, have much more energy and achieve your desired figure. Get to know Juliane in a no-obligation consultation or a free trial session - make an appointment now at termin@juliane-fit.de.

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in German, English and Spanish with many years of professional experience in the following areas:

  • Several years of international professional experience as a fitness and personal trainer (since 2007)
  • Certified trainer for pre- and postpartum fitness during and after pregnancy (LAUFMAMALAUF)
  • Certified trainer for pelvic floor fitness (AHAB Academy)
  • Pilates trainer (Orthos Barcelona)
  • Pilates training: basic, intermediate and advanced programme (Orthos Barcelona)
  • Trainer for Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa and Asthanga Yoga (Orthos Barcelona)
  • Further training in the areas of back Pilates and Pilates for men (Orthos Barcelona)
  • Diploma in sports and training theory (degree in sports training, Universidad de León, equivalent to trainer licence A+B)
  • Trainer for spinning, indoor cycling and body pump (Les Mills)
  • Running coach, several years of running experience (since 2002, marathon in 2004)

Personal training - personal experience report from a customer (Vivika, 38)

I am absolutely thrilled with Juliane's personal training and can't imagine a better workout! Juliane is a highly qualified trainer (also a yoga and Pilates teacher) and offers me a workout that is perfectly tailored to me and my daily form, which is always challenging but still great fun every time.

Her valuable, well-founded nutrition tips require little effort from me, are easy to implement and, in combination with the training, have given me a new attitude to life. Since training with her, I feel super fit, self-confident and happy :-) The training is extremely efficient, so I saw the first results after just 3 weeks, I have now lost 8 cm in waist circumference and my body has become much more defined.

Last but not least, I can say that Juliane is a very likeable person who makes you feel at ease, no matter how fit you are, and with whom it is always a pleasure to do sport!

Online personal training

Your benefits at a glance:


Flexibility: Online personal training gives you the freedom to train whenever it suits you. You
can integrate your training into your daily routine and don't have to follow a fixed schedule.


Convenience: You can work out from home or wherever you want without wasting time and
money travelling to the gym.


Cost savings: Online training is cheaper than training in person at the gym, as there are no
membership fees or additional costs for access to the gym.


Personalised training: An experienced online trainer like Juliane can create a personalised
training programme for you that is tailored to your individual goals and needs.


Time saving: online training does not require time for getting dressed and undressed,
travelling to the gym and waiting for equipment.


Reduced risk of injury: You can train at home and don't have to share equipment with other
people, which reduces the risk of injury from overexertion or contact with others.


The intensity is more important than the length of the workout: more muscle growth is
achieved in less time than in classes or in the gym with isolated exercises


No distractions: When you work out at home, YOU can concentrate fully on your workout
without being distracted by other exercisers or noise.


Adaptability: Online training can be easily adapted to changes in your schedule, e.g. if you are on a business trip or on holiday.


Environmentally friendly: Online training does not cause any additional emissions through
transport to the gym and is therefore more environmentally friendly.


Motivation: Online training often offers you the opportunity to network with other exercisers, to
exchange ideas and motivate each other, and to spontaneously bring the family to the training


Training possible without a babysitter: online training can be easily adapted to your schedule,
e.g. if your baby wakes up unexpectedly or appointments have to be postponed.