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Premium Personal Training

Online Training via Zoom

„Fall in love with a healthy lifestyle – for life“
Juliane Klimaschewsky experienced Personal Trainer from Berlin Charlottenburg, fluent in english and spanish.


Juliane Klimaschewsky, strength and conditioning coach. Experienced Personal Trainer from Germany.
Specialising in functional training for weight loss, strength and conditioning, pre and postnatal.
Core, Pilates, Yoga, Nutrition, Running, HITT, TRX.
Fluent in English and Spanish.
Let's start today! Call: 01 63-73 02 116
Mail to: termin@juliane-fit.de



Unique and effective

Every individual is unique therefore every coaching programme needs to be unique! I design and adapt my plans to you and not the other way around to enable you to go far beyond achieving your goals. 

Get results faster

I will take you places you wouldn't go on your own! Personalised, easy to follow, effective and motivational. A lilfelong investment. Fall in love with training and a healthy lifestyle – for life.

Online Training

The training is tailored to your needs - for maximum results! Special offer for parents: Your children are welcome to participate.

Start today!
Call: 01 63-73 02 116
Mail to: termin@juliane-fit.de



Buchen Sie Juliane Klimaschewskys Kurs für Beckenboden Pilates in Berlin-Charlottenburg.


To sign up for private lessons, free trail training or for further information,

please contact Juliane.


Mat based pilates focus on strengthening the deep core muscles or "centre", improving mobility and stability throughout the entire body. In order to increase challenge to peripheral strength, balance and core stability, Juliane introduces a range of "small equipment". She shows how to maximize the training effect using a variety of flex bands, fitness circles, stability balls and toning balls.


In groups of two or 1:1. Applicable to Pilates Mat, Yoga and Fit&Core classes, this fast moving workout involves continuous exercise for 45-60 minutes. You will transition quickly and smoothly through the exercises for a highly intensive session. 


There are times when you want to participate in a group or 1:1 exercise program but the general classes may not be suitable. Personalised sessions are recommended to specifically meet your body's requirements. These include pre and post natal, back care, sports specific training (running) and other special needs. 


Juliane offers a range of Online Pilates, core and Yoga as well as private lessons. Whether you're a novice or experienced in Pilates methods, recovering from injury, pre or post natal, or if you're an athlete, Juliane will develop a program tailored to your personal needs. Contact termin@juliane-fit.de. Juliane will be happy to call you back.


Phone: + 49-163-7302116