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„Fall in love with a healthy lifestyle – for life“
Juliane Klimaschewsky experienced German Personal Trainer in Marbella, fluent in English and Spanish.


Juliane Klimaschewsky, strength and conditioning coach. Experienced Personal Trainer from Berlin, Germany.
Specialising in functional training for weight loss, strength and conditioning, pre and postnatal.
Core, Pilates, Yoga, Nutrition, Running, HITT, TRX.
German Native Speaker. Fluent in English and Spanish. Speaks Durch.
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Unique and effective

Every individual is unique therefore every coaching programme needs to be unique! I design and adapt my plans to you and not the other way around to enable you to go far beyond achieving your goals. How can Juliane help you? Scroll down to find out if Juliane is the right person for your problem...

Get results faster

Juliane will take you places you wouldn't go on your own! Personalised, easy to follow, effective and motivational. A lilfelong investment. Fall in love with training and a healthy lifestyle – for life.

Online Training available

The online format has become the best format during home-office times due to its practical integration into everyday life. Since the training practically never fails, is extremely focused, flexible to realise during the workday (even with a baby) and achieves convincing results.  


Personal Training TRX in Marbella

Personal Training Pilates in Marbella

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"How can I help you reach your fitness goal?"


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Juliane Klimaschewsky Ihre deutschsprachige Personal Trainerin Nähe Malaga

Juliane is an experienced trainer from Berlin, Germany with international professional experience. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Dutch. Her passion is core training, running and all types of movement with your body’s weight. After studying business administration, she turned her passion into a profession in Spain in 2007 and has been working as a fitness and personal trainer ever since. She is a qualified trainer in bodyweight training (TRX training) & running, Pilates, Yoga and pelvic floor training, pre- and postpartum fitness for mothers, and a happy mummy of a son herself :)

iane Klimaschewsky Ihre deutschsprachige Personal Trainerin Nähe Marbella


Perhaps you’ve seen TRX straps at your local gym. You’ll feel stronger and leaner with the suspension trainer and get results in less time compared with conventional fitness training. TRX-Training can give you an effective total body workout in a fraction of the time that a regular training session would take and you get the same benefits. With the suspension trainer, you’re always working your core, research shows greater abdominal muscle activation in every exercise, also it is scientifically proven to improve total-body strength, stability, and cardiovascular health.


TRX is one of the most effective full-body workout methods for a small waist, because the abdominal muscles are worked intensively in every exercise. The training is effective and challenging because the whole body always needs to stabilize itself from the deep muscles, which automatically leads to a great posture, lean muscle development, a beautiful body shape and an upright, pain-free back. The training is also really strenuous, so endurance can be improved, body fat reduced and lean muscles built up in a very short time.

PILATES MAT / PILATES TRX (Classes available)

Mat based pilates focus on strengthening the deep core muscles or "centre", improving mobility and stability throughout the entire body. In order to increase challenge to peripheral strength, balance and core stability, Juliane introduces a range of "small equipment". She shows how to maximize the training effect using a variety of TRX, flex bands, fitness circles, stability balls and toning balls.

Pilates Online


In groups of two or 1:1. Applicable to Pilates Mat, Yoga and Fit&Core classes, this fast moving workout involves continuous exercise for 45-60 minutes. You will transition quickly and smoothly through the exercises for a highly intensive session. Available small group classes, please view timetable.

Mat Pilates in Marbella at the beach


There are times when you want to participate in a group or 1:1 exercise program but the general classes may not be suitable. Personalised sessions are recommended to specifically meet your body's requirements. These include pre and post natal, back care, sports specific training (running, please view timetable) and other special needs. 

German Personal Training for women


Juliane offers a range of TRX, Online Pilates, core and Yoga as well as private lessons. Whether you're a novice or experienced in Pilates methods, recovering from injury, pre or post natal, or if you're an athlete, Juliane will develop a program tailored to your personal needs. Contact termin@juliane-fit.de. Juliane will be happy to call you.

Personal Training German native Speaker


The workout principle combines the most effective abdominal, back and pelvic floor exercises with classic elements of Pilates, body weight training and TRX. Together with the selected workout offer for the individual goal, an effective combination training the body as effectively and balanced as possible is created. Juliane’s workout method always involves large muscle groups, i.e., pelvic floor and back training and also is a “real workout” with effective whole-body muscle building or toning for weight loss.

TRX Personal Training in Marbella


Young mothers simply have different needs. In case of rectus diastasis or birth injuries, healing is effectively supported by realigning the body from the depths. Online or 1:1 training allows for an ideal focus on individual parts of the body during each phase (pre- and postparto). The training can be perfectly adapted to the individual daily form and thus enables regular training, even after short nights. Abdominal, back and pelvic floor problems are sustainably reduced by the holistic training concept.

Personal Training für Mütter in Marbella


Muscles are vital and the very best life insurance! The focus on the deep muscles enables a systematic training from the inside out, which means that all exercises are initiated from the pelvic floor muscles and at the same time the body gets back into the optimal posture with a flat abdominal wall, a stable centre and a pain-free back.


The correct activation of the pelvic floor is tiny — especially in the beginning. And yet right. Let Juliane properly explain the exercises to you. This will save you countless hours of “so-called” pelvic floor training that does you more harm than good.


If this sounds familiar to you, then Juliane is the right person for you.


  • How can I finally get rid of my excess weight once and for all - I've tried everything, but no diet has ever worked for me permanently?
  • My job / my everyday life demands everything from me, I have no time for sport and healthy eating. How can I still reduce my weight and finally feel good again?
  • My family commitments, my job and my everyday life push me to the extreme every day. Since the lockdown I just don't have time for my needs anymore. How do I find time for exercise and fitness?
  • I have unbearable back pain in my home office, but I'm so stressed that I hardly find time to exercise. I have back pain every day and work a lot sitting down. What can I do?
  • I gained more than 5-10 pounds in the home office and I just can't get rid of them. What can I do?
  • I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and now I can't get the weight off. What can I do?
  • I've lost weight, but now my body isn't toned and looks kind out of shape. What can I do?
  • I'm slim, but I've always had a small belly. I'm already exercising, but it won't go away. What is the solution?
  • Since pregnancy I have had a tummy that won't go away - even though I've tried everything.
  • Since I was pregnant, my bladder hasn't held up, especially when I'm jogging or

    coughing. How can I go running again without a sanitary napkin?

  • My diastasis recti was severe and has not closed completely and my stomach is still bulking out while my abdominal muscles feel very weak. What can I do?

  • Unfortunately, my training after childbirth/postparto class did not have good results, I am still suffering from my birth injuries or organ prolapse. Which training can really help me?


What is correct core and pelvic floor training? And how do I get a flat tummy?

Pilates für Mütter in Marbella

● Arthrosis can occur when joint parts do not have the necessary distance and rub against each other.

● Excessive contraction and activation of the middle pelvic floor layer is often reflexively combined with additional tensing of the gluteal muscles. The hip joints become too tight, the thighs are forced into a knock-kneed position, which can permanently damage the feet and knee joints. Many women have problems with running after pregnancy — for these exact reasons.

● Complaints in the lumbar region and pelvis can be caused or aggravated — because they are almost always triggered by a non-optimal posture and a position of the pelvis that doesn’t match the physical requirements.


● The pelvic floor muscles function well when they are fit, elastic and powerful, responsive, but not when they are tense, overworked or slack.

● Even and especially for female athletes, the middle layer is too strong. The pelvic floor cannot fulfil its purpose and just as with an untrained pelvic floor, pregnancy-related incontinence and pelvic floor problems can occur.

● Female athletes usually have a tense, overly trained middle pelvic floor layer. This is relieved by training the inner, right layer (levator ani).

● Wrongly understood or incorrectly implemented training of the medial pelvic floor muscles can force the pelvis and pelvic bones into positions that have an unfavourable effect on the leg and pelvic joints and subsequently cause poor posture.

Online Beckenbodentraining für Mütter
Pelvic floor training for mothers in Marbella

Especially the right training of the transversus (waist shaper) is challenging: If it is trained crosswise (as it is unfortunately usually shown in conventional gym classes) it tilts the pelvis non-physiologically, swallows the waist and makes the figure boxy and “masculine”. Tense and properly networked, on the other hand, it forms a perfect team with the transverse abdominal muscles, the hip flexor and the pyramid muscle, which connects the torso in a criss-cross manner. Above this lies the long straight abdominal muscle, which shapes a flat belly.

In the perfect pelvic position, the deep muscles of the pelvis, back, hips and abdomen link together to form a natural corset that keeps the waist beautifully narrow. This perfect pelvic floor workout keeps the pelvis in shape, straightens the spine and makes it flexible, relieves the legs and feet as well as the shoulders and head. It actively protects, supports and massages the organs. The levator ani is where it all comes together. The hip flexor and deep back muscles connect with the large, oblique, and transverse abdominal muscles.

Training postparto in Marbella


How does a typical Online Training session look like (via Zoom)?

A typical online training session starts with a brief introduction and feedback from the client on his or her daily form and any requests or adjustments for the workout. Juliane then explains the structure of the session and the planned exercises. The ideal camera position is also explained and the necessary materials (chair, mat, etc.) are positioned.

The first part usually includes a warm-up with mobilisation and movement of all joints. Especially in the case of back pain, the shoulder, neck and back area are first loosened and prepared for the load.

Juliane demonstrates each of the exercises and explains all relevant details. She closely supervises the workout and gives the appropriate instructions during the execution so that the client always remains in the correct posture. From her experience, she knows the “weak points” of each exercise and can achieve optimal execution both by demonstrating and by explaining the details in detail. Juliane is very precise and pays attention to all the little details because good quality plays an outstanding role in the execution of the exercise. Only then, the exercises really are 100% effective and safe.

The exercise selection is based on the client’s goals as well as the daily form because it can vary, and it doesn't make sense to do a hardcore workout after a sleepless night. Back problems or other ailments often have to considered. Thanks to her many years of experience, Juliane can respond to all adjustments spontaneously and individually and adapt each exercise so that the body is always optimally loaded. This way, personal goals can be achieved safely.

Personal Training online after childbirth

The cool-down or last part (depending on the training goal) is about relaxation, for example, and the session concludes with suitable exercises for relief and stretching. Juliane always works with position and counter-position, i.e., all muscles are always stretched evenly, no part of the body is neglected. A final feedback rounds off the session, Juliane assigns and explains the respective homework until the next session and notes the progress on the exercises.