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Personal Training in Marbella, Elviria, Mijas

Personal Training offers a tailored approach to exercise with numerous benefits. Juliane comes to your home or gym, ensuring that training always takes place with maximum motivation. Juliane not only supports you on your journey to your desired figure but also minimizes the risk of joint pain. You will feel healthier and more vital, learning to maintain your achieved weight. Additionally, you'll improve your performance in your favorite activities and achieve long-term training success with individual, professional guidance.

Healthy Weight Loss & Nutrition

Do you want to lose weight healthily and permanently? Juliane and her team believe that high-quality nutrition and long-term lifestyle changes are the keys to success. For this reason, she offers a program aiming to permanently transform the body into a proper "metabolic machine," with optimal fat burning, healthy lean muscle mass, and stable energy. Juliane's goal is to accompany you on this journey, providing the support and motivation you need to permanently implement new dietary habits.


Healthy Eating Habits

Are you ready to positively change your life and prevent chronic lifestyle diseases? It's easier than you think! With just four healthy lifestyle factors, you can already avoid 78% of the risk of chronic diseases: no smoking, no overweight, daily 30 minutes of exercise, and a healthy diet with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, but less meat. Juliane's Personal Training helps you get into action, achieve your goals, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Top Fit and Pain-Free in Everyday Life, Fitness 60+

Do you want to combat pain and discomfort in the spine and joints and lead a pain-free life again? Often, these complaints are caused and favored by prolonged sitting or monotonous work postures. But there is a way out! Regular exercise and systematic muscle building are the keys to regaining and maintaining lost pain-free movement. Juliane's Personal Training sessions help you improve your strength and flexibility to withstand the demands of daily life and work.
Are you over 60 and struggling with sore joints and decreasing muscle mass? It's never too late to do something about it! Juliane's Personal Training is specially tailored to your needs, supporting you in becoming pain-free and flexible again. Juliane helps you build muscles and improve flexibility so you can move freely and effortlessly in your daily life and hobbies. With systematic training and individual guidance, you can achieve your goals safely and effectively. Start today and invest in your health and well-being!

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Core, Back, Pelvic Floor in Top Form!

As a mother, do you want to feel fit and vital during and after your pregnancy? Juliane, as an experienced Pilates trainer, specializes in online Personal Training for mothers, helping you effectively build your pelvic floor, abdominal, and core muscles from the depth, even if your child doesn't give you much time. With Juliane's specially tailored training during and after pregnancy, you quickly and safely get back into top form.

Pelvic Floor Training After Childbirth

Juliane knows exactly which exercises and techniques you need to strengthen your muscles and avoid complaints. She offers you individual support and adjusts the training to your needs. Invest in yourself and benefit from strengthened muscles and increased well-being. Start now and get fit for the challenges of motherhood!

Postpartum Recovery

Juliane's training method always involves large muscle groups, meaning pelvic floor training and recovery are also "real training" with effective full-body muscle building or toning for size reduction. If there is a rectus diastasis, urinary incontinence, or birth injuries, healing is effectively supported by realigning the body from the depth.

Core, back, and pelvic floor in top form - this is also possible for mothers! Many women believe that strength training will make them too muscular and fear a Hulk-like body. But the opposite is true! Especially, we women need strong muscles for a beautiful figure and a healthy body. With Juliane's experience and Personal Training, she shows you how to build lean and enduring muscles that support weight loss and ensure that you can effortlessly maintain your weight in the long run.

Personal Training Pilates, TRX, Yoga, Running

The training principle combines the most effective exercises for the core, back, and pelvic floor with classical elements of Pilates, bodyweight training, and TRX. Combined with the selected training options for individual goals, it creates an effective full-body workout that challenges the body as effectively and balanced as possible. Juliane's training method always involves large muscle groups, meaning pelvic floor and back training are also "real training" with effective muscle building or toning for weight reduction.

You may have seen TRX straps at your local gym. With the suspension trainer, you will feel stronger and leaner and achieve faster results compared to traditional fitness training. TRX training can provide you with an effective full-body workout in fractions of the time a regular workout would take, and you reap the same benefits. With the suspension trainer, you are always working on your core. Studies show stronger activation of the abdominal muscles in every exercise, and it is scientifically proven that overall body strength, stability, and cardiovascular health are improved.

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Personalized Training Plan Creation

With Juliane's offer for individual training plan creation (one-time offer or adjustment every 6-8 weeks), you receive a customized training guide. Juliane creates your personal plan based on your goals and wishes. She trains with you once, pays attention to your execution, and explains the correct use of fitness equipment. Alternatively, she shows you the exercises and correct execution at your home. Every 6 weeks, the plan is adjusted to ensure you make continuous progress.

Individual Pelvic Floor Training

Many nonspecific complaints in the pelvis, as well as back and hip pain, are due to misalignments and can be improved by suitable functional pelvic floor training. Our skeletal muscles consist of superficial muscles and deep muscles. We feel the former very well and can easily consciously tense them, such as the biceps. We can see it, touch it, and do something with it. The deep muscles are located close to the skeleton and are tasked with balancing, supporting, and protecting us. We mostly don't notice this, and we don't have to because these functions happen automatically. The pelvic floor belongs to this deep musculature, and that's why it's not initially as actively "wired" to the brain as we would like when we try to tense it. Individual guidance allows you to focus on training the right muscle layers without overloading the pelvic floor. If you want to practice effectively, you should learn, within the framework of individual training, to perceive the pelvic floor muscles first in isolation, to understand how it feels to stabilize from the inside out. Then, in a second step, you can connect this core strength with the outer muscles, leading to gracefully light and at the same time well-grounded movements and a narrow and toned core.

Training During & After Pregnancy

Mothers have different needs. In the case of rectus diastasis, urinary incontinence, or birth injuries, healing is effectively supported by realigning the body from the inside out. Online or on-site Personal Training in Marbella and surroundings allows an ideal focus on individual body areas during each phase (before and after childbirth). Training can be perfectly adapted to the individual everyday situation, allowing regular exercise, even after short nights. Abdominal, back, and pelvic floor problems are sustainably reduced by the holistic training concept. The correct activation of the pelvic floor is tiny – especially at the beginning, and yet so important. Let Juliane explain the exercises correctly; this will save you countless hours of "so-called" pelvic floor training that can do more harm than good.