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Healthy and sustainable weight loss, built just for you

Juliane Klimaschewsky your Nutrition Coach Marbella

 Are you looking to achieve healthy weight loss? I'm here to take you on a journey you might not embark on alone. Consider this an investment in your lifelong health. Fall in love with training and embrace a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

Optimizing your nutrition is essential for long-term success in weight loss. I'll collaborate with you to develop a personalized nutrition plan that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.
Here, it's all about a personalized weight loss program built on my extensive professional experience and the fantastic successes of my clients.

Personalized weight loss program with a modular concept

Over the years, Juliane continuously developed her weight loss program based on valuable feedback and the needs of her clients. 

The result is a modular concept that allows you to tailor the program to your personal preferences and goals.

Juliane firmly believes that sustainable weight loss isn't achieved through rigid diet plans but only through an individualised approach. 

That's why she wants to introduce you to this program, which not only provides compelling results but also freedom and flexibility in your daily life.

Weight loss Marbella and personal Training in Marbella

Individualised approach, the shortcut to your lasting, healthy weight loss

Nutritional counselling Marbella with Juliane Klimaschewsky


Julianes nutritional approach emphasises healthy weight loss by adapting your eating habits to your individual lifestyle. There are no rigid rules here. 

Juliane will tailor the programme to your needs and preferences so that you achieve long-lasting results.

This program not only delivers the desired results but can also be customized to fit you and your family individually and flexibly.

12 building blocks, 12 weeks, 12 paths to success "10 KG in 12 weeks"

The shortcut to your lasting, healthy weight loss.
Each week builds on the previous one, providing you with a new building block to help you reach your weight goal.
What sets this program apart is that you can select the building blocks that best suit you and your daily life. Juliane wants to make sure you receive the content that benefits you the most and propels you forward in your personal journey to your desired weight.

In 12 weeks, you will learn...

✅ How to correctly calculate your personal calorie target.
✅ Which foods can hinder your weight loss.
✅ Which dietary approach promotes faster weight loss.
✅ The impact of sugar on metabolism.
✅ Strategies to conquer cravings.
✅ What to do when weight loss plateaus.
✅ How to feel full while still losing weight.
✅ Ways to manage everyday stress without turning to food.

✅ Methods to incorporate more movement into your daily life.
✅ Whether intermittent fasting suits your lifestyle.

German-speaking personal trainer and nutrition coach
Training and Nutrition in Marbella

Additionally, you will discover...

✅ The various dietary approaches and why each one can have different effects on weight loss.
✅ What truly matters for maintaining weight healthily and permanently.

✅ The advantages of regular exercise for weight loss.
✅ The advantages of intermittent fasting.

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