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Family Active - Outdoor Sports for parents with kids

Family Active offers a range of outdoor training formats for the whole family. Fun group activities born to unite sports and family. As parents, we are role models for our kids, so making family fitness a priority sets a great impact for life.

Looking for some fun family "workouts" that feel more like play? Check out these outdoor activities for every child's age group and fitness level that will get everyone in your family off the couch and help you bond while building muscle and burning calories!

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Family Active group training for parents with babies and toddlers (0-2 yrs.)

Unlike bigger kids who should aim for 60 minutes of physical activity per day, toddlers need three hours of active playtime and activity every day. Best is to combine it with mom's workout time! The classic run-up stroller course in the outdoors is the perfect entry for you if you want to get fit quickly and healthy after birth. The 60-minute full-body training is designed as a circular training in the park and tailored to the needs of freshly baked parents. The classes take place in parks, beaches or near a playground. In the surroundings of Mijas Costa, Elviria and Marbella.

Family Active group training for parents with small children (3-5 yrs.)

This children's sport activity is really fun and the parents are also fully at their expense: Muscle building, fat burning and sweating included. While mum or dad is sweating, some children may be more drawn to gross motor activities, like running and jumping, while others are into messy play or discovering new movements. Let your child's interests be your guide. Activities that combines balance, cardiovascular endurance, functional strength and core stability, in a fun environment.

Family Active for parents with school kids (6-10yrs.)

The family bootcamp for every fitness level! Circuit training, endurance exercises, functional strength, balance and core stability combined in a fun environment through games, competitions or challenges that the whole family participates in. Fun group activity born as a tool to unite family and sport. With a basically playful and sporty objective, it generally takes place in the afternoon and on the weekends near beach Marbella.

Family Active

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Outdoor Family sports for parents with children, pregnant women, women with babies (0-2 yrs),

parents with small children (3-5) and

parents with school children (6-10).

Exercise has countless benefits,

but even more when you can share this moment with your little ones.   As parents, we are role models for our kids,

so making family fitness a priority sets a great impact for life!